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Empower customers and employees with trustworthy AI
Our AI-platform Ally combines the knowledge of your organization with the newest techniques to improve the experience of both employees and customers.
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A new generation of customer contact
Live Summarization & Transcription

Documentation of customer contact interactions takes significant time from your team. Live summarization makes it easier. Calls and chat messages are summarized quickly and accurately, even while the conversation is going on. This doesn't just save employees time, it also establishes a uniform level of quality in administration.

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Customer contact summarization
Live translation

Sometimes it's possible that there's no agent available that speaks the language of your customer. That's no longer a problem! With live translation there's always someone at the ready, no matter where they might be located.

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Live customer contact translation
Call and chat routing

Short waiting times are one of the main contributors to positive customer interactions. With call and chat routing customers always find the quickest way to the right expert.

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Routing customer calls
Style checker

Every employee has their own writing style. With the introduction of AI we can help safeguard the style of the brand, regardless of employee. We can review text, signal discrepancies from brand guidelines and make suggestions to enhance writing overall. This way, customers will always have the experience you envisioned.

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Writing improvement for employees
Working productively and effortlessly
Better search with AI
With AI document search

Using AI document search employees can find internal information quicker than ever before. The Ally system gets to know your organization and can answer any domain specific question.

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