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Reach customers in their desired language
It's possible that when a customer picks up the phone, there's no one available that speaks the same language they do. With live translation, customer service will never be location-bound ever again and customers will always have someone at the ready speaking their preferred language.
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Live translation in any language

Trained in accordance with your business

The quality of a translation is limited to how well the context of the conversation is understood. Ally, our intelligent AI solution is uniquely trained on your company and will thus differentiate between general language and language relating to your business or products.
Live customer contact translation
CX translation suggestions

Flawless communication

Customer service can stumble when the customer and agent don't communicate on the same level. Live translation, combined with grammar and spelling control, offers a solution. With those tools all working together, customers will always feel like they're talking to a native speaker.
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Are you ready for a large scale implementation? Or maybe you want to start small and get your feet wet with AI? helps you attain your ambition regardless of their size.
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