Automatically every customer in the right place at this large water company

With a huge customer base, this water company is one of the largest suppliers in the Netherlands. How can you serve so many customers in the right way? Together with them, Y.Digital looked at the opportunities for automatic call routing so that customers always get to speak to the right person.

The foundation of our society

With 5.6 million business and residential customers, this company is the largest water company in the Netherlands. Many people call every year, with all kinds of questions about water. Customer satisfaction is very high. In order to serve its customers even better, the company is continuously researching the value of innovations, such as the use of a digital voice assistant in the Customer Contact Center. This without losing the 'human touch' entirely.

In customer contact

The water company is developing a voice assistant for its call center in cooperation with This assistant can independently handle incoming calls or - if independent handling is not possible - transfer them to the appropriate employee or department. In addition, the customer can indicate at any time during the call that he or she prefers to speak to an employee, leaving the control with the customer.

Their customers were positively surprised by the voice assistant. Especially because they get quick answers to simple questions and it offers a solution to long waiting times, especially at peak times. The possibility of being able to take charge themselves by asking a staff member was also highly appreciated.


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