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A thousand employees, but one brand tone of voice
Every employee writes differently. With the power of AI we can help protect your brand's tone of voice among all that. We review text, signal when something doesn't match brand guidelines and provide improvement suggestions. That way customers always have a unified level of experience.
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A lot of writing work

On the daily, organizations are producing a ton of new writing. Maintaining a level of quality throughout simply requires a lot of time and supervision. Using our AI-platform; Ally, it's now possible to automate that entire process for your employees.
Writing helper brand AI
AI brand text correction

Tailored for your audience

Communications needs to be in-line with a number of legal- and brand guidelines. Make use of the brand mentor, which takes into account the legal framework, jargon and writing style that is expected from your business.
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Are you ready for a large scale implementation? Or maybe you want to start small and get your feet wet with AI? helps you attain your ambition regardless of their size.
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