How this large public organization continues to innovate in data quality and services for entrepreneurs

How do you effectively handle one of the largest and most sensitive datasets in the Netherlands?
How do you increase both customer satisfaction and data quality of one of the most important datasets in the Netherlands?

Within the Netherlands, this public organization is one of the government organizations that manages a unique dataset relating to entrepreneurs. Their registers include all companies, legal entities and their directors. The importance of this data for entrepreneurial Holland is great. At the same time, some data are also sensitive, such as the addresses of directors. For the organization, data quality is therefore of paramount importance. How do they ensure that all changes are processed quickly and, above all, correctly while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction?

Input help for entrepreneurs

When entrepreneurs start a new business, they must formulate their business activities themselves. The organization's employees in the front office then manually assign codes to them that classify their business activities. This takes a lot of time. thus teamed up with the internal experts to deliver in 2 months an AI application behind the organization's website, which not only helps starting entrepreneurs formulate their business activities but also directly assigns the activity codes. The Input Help that was launched takes the form of a non-conversational chat-bot and works on the basis of a knowledge graph. 

"Developed and put into production an AI application in 2 months."

The result: increased quality of activity descriptions, improved customer journey experience for business owners, increased quality of assignments of codes, and reduced time spent by front-office employees.

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