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Immediately receive a summary and transcription of every conversation
Documentation of customer contact interactions takes significant time from your team. Live summarization makes it easier. Calls and chat messages are summarized quickly and accurately, even while the conversation is going on. This doesn't just save employees time, it also establishes a uniform level of quality in administration.
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Summarizing customer calls

Trained on your business

Summarizing of organisation specific documents or content is where most systems will falter. Not fully understanding the context of your business is a fatal flaw for an AI system that will render it unable to properly describe your customer interactions. We use LLM's to take into account that expertise and turn product info or company jargon into smooth summaries.

Immediately available

Maintaining the consistent quality of call transcripts no longer needs to be in the hands of the employee. Rather, the AI support employees by generating a proper summary right away. All that's left for the agent to do is to do a final review of the conversation summary and make changes if they feel that's necessary.
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Are you ready for a large scale implementation? Or maybe you want to start small and get your feet wet with AI? helps you attain your ambition regardless of their size.
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