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Answer suggestions to empower agents
The ability to retrieve information quickly is a crucial part of delivering a good customer experience. How do you make sure that employees don't spend their valuable time just looking for the right answers?
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Routing customer contact

Live support during customer contact

Through the use of Retrieval augmented generation (RAG)  the content of documents can be searched and extracted. Moreover, these answers aren't just worth showing when an employee goes looking for them. During live customer contact, we can proactively look for the most suitable answers to the inquiry. That way, the employee just has to add a personal touch.
Customer contact routing
Getting the right customer contact

Based on different types of integrations

Besides just relevant documents, there's a number of other sources that can contribute to a good answer suggestion. Think for instance about setting up your agents with direct info from the CRM or ERP system. Using that data, answers can even be generated concerning personal- or logistical questions.
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