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Identify opportunities to improve the customer journey
Harness the power of text- and speech analysis to understand what's at the core of customer questions. Collecting this data doesn't just help serve customers better in the moment, but also improve their journey over time.
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Customer topic modeling
Customer interaction insights

Quick insights

Ally offers a dashboard that give you quick insight into the topics that are top of mind for your customers. Find out what the underlying causes are for customer contact and see the sentiment with which contact is initiated.

Insight across all channels

Getting a feel for how your customer contact strategy is working per channel allows you to do a better job crafting your omnichannel strategy around automated customer contact. This in turn will help you go from more reactive to proactive customer support, by resolving problems before they come up.
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Are you ready for a large scale implementation? Or maybe you want to start small and get your feet wet with AI? helps you attain your ambition regardless of their size.
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