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AI in klantcontact met Brigitte Arts van de Klantenservice Federatie
Brigitte Arts is bestuurslid van de Klantenservice Federatie (KSF). Tot voor kort was ze werkzaam voor Nationale-Nederlanden & OHRA en eindverantwoordelijk voor klantcontact en schadebehandeling Retail. Samen kijken we naar de ontwikkelingen van AI op het gebied van contactcenters.
Detachering bij Achmea
Hoe is het om via bij een bedrijf als Achmea aan de slag te gaan? Simpel, je wordt aan boord gebracht en levert direct waarde met jouw eigen implementaties.
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Six important AI Technology Trends for 2024
Looking forward to 2024, we have lined up some trends to pay attention to after the huge wave in Large language models last year.
Unlocking Interaction Insights: the AI Revolution in Customer Contact Management
Introducing a transformative tool that is reshaping the very fabric of customer interaction.
Tips: hoe zet ik AI in bij piekperiodes in de Klantenservice?
Piekbelasting zorgt voor extra werkdruk bij de Klantenservice, maar biedt een mooie kans om de relatie met de klant te versterken en je imago te verstevigen, mits je als organisatie goed bent voorbereid.
Customer service
Politics Navigator: a data-driven AI tool to help you choose what to vote for
Our collegues Sep and Andrzej would like to introduce the first version of politics navigator. Built to help you!
De waarde van het intelligent routeren van gesprekken
De waarde van gespreksroutering is vaak een nog onderbelicht thema binnen het totale domein van klantenservice, terwijl het de klanttevredenheid juist heel positief beïnvloedt. Waar moet je aan denken als je met routeren aan de slag gaat?
Customer service receives the FD Gazelle 2023 has received the FD Gazellen Award 2023 in the category of ‘Fastest Growing Companies’. On Thursday, November 23, we will receive the FD Gazelle Award from Het Financiële Dagblad.
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Inhuur van AI-Experts: doen of niet?
In dit blog gaan we in op de uitdagingen die bij LLM komen kijken en de vraag of het wijsheid is om je team hierbij tijdelijk te versterken met hooggekwalificeerde AI-experts op development -en business transformation vlak.
Understanding Without Meaning
What does it mean for a computer to do something better than humans? We explore this discrepancy, the limitations of LLMs, and potential solutions in our blog.
De toekomst van AI Search: 5 kansen
In de steeds evoluerende wereld van kunstmatige intelligentie, is AI Search een van de meest veelbelovende ontwikkelingen. We nemen je mee door vijf concrete kansen die AI Search biedt.
Why do some organisations hit the brakes when it comes to applying AI?
It is clear that Large Language Models have multiple benefits to organisations. But how do you achieve a sustainable situation, keeping your company data seperate from the open domain?
ChatGPT for Data Science: 9 tips
ChatGPT and other Large Language Models (LLM) have the potential to enhance creativity and provide assistance to developers. Here is a list of 9 topics where ChatGPT can make their lives easier.
This article was not written by ChatGPT
The article raises concerns about the potential decrease in creative output and the impact on social intelligence and problem-solving.
Lancering Nationale Voice Monitor 2023
Hoewel consumenten openstaan voor geautomatiseerd klantcontact, voelt 90% van de Nederlandse consumenten zich hierbij niet goed begrepen.
Alexandra in top-5 nominees for AI Innovator of the year
We’re proud of the nomination of Alexandra Redmann as one of the 5 top women in the field of AI Innovation.
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The impact of linguistic variation on language technology
Tools like voice assistants are only helpful if our unique way of speaking can be handled by the language models supporting these applications.
Large language models: geen silver bullet
Large language models zijn computermodellen die in staat zijn om grote hoeveelheden taalgegevens te verwerken en hieruit nieuwe informatie te extraheren.
Tips for conversational UX design
Understanding that conversation design entails more than merely producing text in a conversational style is crucial.
Councillor Van Dijk opens new office in Zeist
On Thursday 3 November, opened the doors of its new office in Zeist. The festive opening ceremony was performed by counsillor Walter van Dijk and Managing Director Ian FitzPatrick.
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'Computer says no’: AI-based decisions in public service
The court case surrounding SyRI (System Risk Indication) recently caused a lot of media attention regarding the use of AI by the Dutch government.
Customer service
AI in production: why ML Engineers make the difference
In this blog we did a deep-dive in the world of a ML Engineer.
Human-centred AI: hype or feasible?
Artificial Intelligence has penetrated the capillaries of our digital society, and everyone sees new opportunities and possibilities. At the same time, there is a lot of discussion about the threats and dangers that AI entails.
Nationale Voice Monitor
Substantial growth in the use of voice assistants in the Netherlands - biggest increase among people over 65.
Trends Opens New Office in Asia opened its 1st office in Asia. With this strategic move, we are expanding our footprint to the APAC market and growing the team.
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Smartvoices becomes part of
With the ambition to remain a leader in this market, AI specialist is joining forces with voice agency Smartvoices.
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Beyond Numbers & Words
The value of analysing text: Interesting article in Financiele Dagblad on the use of advanced text analytics on a large set of news articles.
Trends acquires Css Motion
Art Ligthart joins as Partner to further develop our smart digital assistants and to create a collaborative powerful platform.
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The New Comfort Zone
Rebecca Wald on the human touch in bots: What if my personal experience can be translated into the way we approach the technological future?
Dr Ian Fitzpatrick Joined as Partner CTO
Ian FitzPatrick joined to drive innovation and growth.
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