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Want to find out what's going on in the black-box of AI? Let us show you.
The potential of AI to improve customer and employee experience has increasingly been part of the conversation. Where do you start if you want to make this core to your organization?
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Masterclasses Digital transformation and AI

Transform into an expert

Experts at are up to date on both the fundamental and latest works in the field of Artificial Intelligence. They're ready to inform you about the newest developments in applying AI to customer contact and business processes. They'll help you meet regulatory standards around AI, deal with personal information properly, security and transparency. But also about techniques like ChatGPT, Knowledge Graphs, Voice, Machine Learning and settung up your cloud infrastructure to support them. They will get you up to speed on what it takes to make AI work for you,After all, working with knowledge is what we do! Register for one of our masterclasses right away:

Masterclass AI

AI-concepts explained in a clear cut understandable way: the different types of AI, the way different algorithms work, and all the necessary underlying concepts. Of course we also touch on recent developments, the risks, ethics and new regulations. To inspire you we also take you through a number of modern AI applications. We end with you, looking at your organisation and where you can start to make a difference with AI.

Masterclass ChatGPT/LLM

By now ChatGPT has become a household name. Are you already excited about the tech or are you still skeptical? Across the market we see different conclusions play out, ranging from considering it ‘agame changer!' to saying the answes can't be trusted. Would you like to know more about the inner workings of Artificial Intelligence and how to apply in a worthwhile way within your organisation? If so, sign up for the Masterclass ChatGPT!

Take your organisation on an AI expedition

Take a day and let our experts bring you up to speed on both the theoretical and applied markets of AI. First thing you'll get is an overview of all the types of AI you can expect to encounter. Then you get into the algorithms, trends, developments, risk, ethics and regulation. As a means of inspiration they'll walk you through the workings of different AI-applications. Next up is a brainstorm for the spotting of potential opportunities for AI in your organisation. Taking these and prioritizing them as well as combining them with industry insights gets you to concrete set of steps you can take today to become involved with AI. We help you prepare for that business transformation and conclude our expedition.
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Are you ready for a large scale implementation? Or maybe you want to start small and get your feet wet with AI? helps you attain your ambition regardless of their size.
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