Y.digital acquires Css Motion

Art Ligthart joins Y.digital as Partner to further develop our smart digital assistants and to create a collaborative powerful platform.
September 2, 2020

The fast-growing Y. Digital from Zeist acquired CSSI-Motion based in Driebergen on 1 September 2020. “With the acquisition, Y. gains a wealth of experience for the further development of our smart digital assistants,” says Paul van der Hulst, director of Y. Digital.

CSSI-Motion was founded in 2013 by Art Ligthart, Nienke Bloem and the late Harrie van Houtum and specializes in innovative, sustainable and – above all – people friendly digital services. With expertise in regulatory affairs, customer experience (CX) and architecture, CSSI has successfully delivered digital transformations for leading customers.

Focus & Acceleration

“We both have an innovative vision at customer interaction models and how we can digitize knowledge-intensive processes in a more customer-friendly and efficient manner. We have known each other for about 15 years and have successfully tackled various projects together. The acquisition by Y. creates a powerful platform in which our ideas and vision fit perfectly. We also gain much more clout and focus in ‘productizing’ our vision and expertise in all kinds of smart solutions in the field of customer interaction and knowledge-intensive processes.” says Art Ligthart – director of CSSI-Motion.

Y.’s focus is clear, says Van der Hulst; “We see a huge demand for solutions that better guide and support customers in their more complex online customer interaction, instead of providing them with even more information. Above all, we see opportunities in scaling knowledge-intensive processes, such as faster, cheaper and more compliant processing of all kinds of requests and supporting knowledge workers. Examples of this are typical CDD, KYC and AML processes, but also contract management and processing letters of credit, which is now difficult to scalable knowledge work.”

Art Ligthart will continue as partner in Y. Digital and Nienke Bloem will continue to work closely as an ecosystem partner as an international CX expert and speaker.

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