Dr Ian Fitzpatrick Joined Y.digital as Partner CTO

Ian FitzPatrick joined Y.digital to drive innovation and growth.
June 5, 2020

I’m proud to announce that I’ve joined Y.Digital as partner and CTO. I am excited with this opportunity to help build and shape a company that lends it’s experience and expertise to customers facing the challenge of scaling and preserving knowledge. Consolidating this expertise into A.I. products and services will break new ground in the arena of digital transformation and we will make our mark with Y.

Though many companies have significantly digitised their processes in the past years. Challenges often remain, such as:

  • Unburdening call-centres that are forced to expend effort in servicing simplistic requests (that lend themselves to automation) at the expense of addressing complex queries that require human attention.
  • Managing constellations of buildings and assets while managing precious maintenance time and resources.
  • Applying and checking compliance with complex regulatory systems, all the while dealing with constant changes in regulations.

The thread that weaves these fields together is the reliance on human reasoning, often considered beyond the horizon for A.I. From my background in studying language and human cognition I am convinced we can make a great leap in A.I. based knowledge work by drawing our inspiration from the greatest cognitive system currently known: the human brain. I am extremely excited to have a platform for ideation and to deliver and refine these type of solutions.

The Y. branding struck a chord with me, precisely because the reason (wh)Y should always be at the forefront when designing and implementing A.I. solutions. The market has now moved past “A.I. for the sake of A.I.”. We can do so much better in our service designs making them more personal, more relevant, more inclusive and more ‘human-like’. Using the potential of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing are evident, however realising this potential will stand or fall by our ability to tailor A.I. solutions to fit existing customer processes. I look forward to this challenge. If you want to know more, reach out to: ian@y.digital

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